Welcome to bigskyart, the art blog of Pam Buffery.

PamArt is a passion of mine and for many years I have just admired it and doodled on the sidelines. A few years ago I moved across the planet to New Zealand, which is a place of dramatic and diverse landscapes. Inspiration struck and I picked up a paint brush, which hasn’t been put down since!

Landscapes, mountains, bodies of water, light and flight are incredibly joyful to paint. I try hard to capture how I see my beautiful home on canvas. Some of these pictures are whimsical in nature, you have been warned!

I also enjoy painting in different styles you can see some examples of this around my site.


  • canvas
  • board
  • oils
  • ink
  • paper

I hope you enjoy wondering around the site and looking at the paintings and pictures as much as I did doing them. Feel free to contact me about anything on the site.

All images are the property of Pam Buffery and cannot be used without permission.

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  1. Judy Dalrymple says:

    How much for Gaia sleeping?

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