New project, part sculpture, part painting

I’ve been working on a project with a friend to produce a 3D painting for his house. After chatting about paintings one we came up with the idea of joining forces (he makes guitars in his spare time) to make a 3D kea about 1m wide. I was to draw up the outline and he would cut it out of board. On this cut out I’d do a realistic painting, with the final piece mounted on blocks to hold it out from the wall.

I did some sketches until I was happy with the image and the drew this out as a template. The template was then used to cut out the board – my friend did an amazing job!! Then it was back to me for painting, which I started today by covering the whole board in yellow ochre in acrylics to help seal the board. I then painted the first underpainting using a tonal technique similar to the Verdaccio techneque I’ve been learning.

I’ve taken pictures of these first steps and I’m planning to take more at each completed step. Oh, and the cut out is temporarily mounted on to a board to allow me to clamp it on to my easel (I’ll remove this once finished). Can you tell what it is yet?


How about now?


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2 Responses to New project, part sculpture, part painting

  1. Rob says:

    Looks fantastic!

  2. Gitte says:

    Waw – it looks amazing Pam! You’re so skilled 🙂

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