Pukeko and chick

A while a go I did a painting of one of my favourite NZ birds, the pukeko, with a chick for a friend of mine as a new baby present. The painting had been on this site for sometime when the lovely people at Wildside Gifts spotted it and asked if they could use the image on one of their sponge bags. I thought this was a great idea and happily said yes.

This is the pukeko and chick painting

Pukeko and chick [Click thumbnail for larger image]

After some discussion and a lot of work by Wildside a sponge bag, cosmetics bag and a coin purse were made and they even sent me some free samples! Have a look and see what you think.

pukeko and chick bags[Click thumbnail for larger image]

pukeko and chick bags [Click thumbnail for larger image]

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