Collaborative art works


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This post is all about the two collaborative works I’ve completed. The one above, titled, The Muse’ is for the local art school (the background image is a large coffee cup), which is going to hang in their new cafe and be auctioned off after a year for charity. Each individual image is about 14 inches wide and when put together makes one large image. I really like this work and is a portrait of my Muse who inspires me to paint :).


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The above image is painted on a very small board (about 10cm square) and forms part of a collaborative work for the NZ Art Guild. The main image is kept a secret and the resultant composite work will be auctioned off on TradeMe for charity. I’m looking forward to seeing what this will be!!

This is the third year I’ve taken part in the NZ Art Guild collaborative work and I’ve enjoyed the challenge every year. Though I’ll be honest this years colours were my least favourite, but the theme of ‘our future’ was a good one. I painted my home town’s future representing the people who died in the earthquakes and the strong spirit of Christchurch rebuilding and repairing.

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  1. Kimi says:

    Oh Pam! these are great! your Muse looks like you! shes beautiful, and i love the colors and spirals..WOnderful!! how cool that they will be at an art school too!! you rock!!

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