A Tui Moment

Yipee, I finished my tui painting, ‘a tui moment’ – click on the picture to load a large version, then click on the picture again to read the text.

A Tui Moment

This painting is the first one I’ve done with a real layer technique. All my paintings prior to this one have been painted predominantly in one go with some finer detail added as a second layer, usually with turps to thin the paint. This time round, after priming the canvas, I did an underpainting, a first detail layer, followed by a couple of other detail layers. Each layer was successively thinned using linseed oil.

I’m pretty happy with the results – what do you think?

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2 Responses to A Tui Moment

  1. Kimi says:

    OH PAM! hes wonderful! it looks like a photograph!!! the detail and the depth to his feathers are amazing!! He’s looking at me watching him, i can feel him prepared for flight! awesome!!!

  2. Rob says:

    Fantastic painting! Looks superb on the front of the calander too!

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