I’m currently working on a couple of paintings, one is of tui, which are one of my favourite NZ birds. 

If you’ve never seen a tui they are surprising birds. If you look at them quickly you could be forgiven for mistaking them for a blackbird. But, if you look at them closely, especially when they are in the light – bam – lovely bright flashes of colour hit you. A melody of blues and greens. They also have fluffy white puffs of feathers under their beaks and long fluffy white feathers on the back of their necks. These are a lot of fun to paint!

All the under painting is done so far plus some of the background detail. I’ve also made a start putting in the detail on the tui itself – to be specific his eye! I always like to start with the eyes on birds. It gives me a connection to the painting and the birds themselves seem to develop a personality under my brush. I suspect this tui is a little on the cheeky side!

I hope to be posting a picture of the finished painting soon.

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  1. Rob says:

    I love your bird paintings, so much character, cant wait to see what this one ends up like!

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